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The Patent Attorneys Bureau B & Co provides the whole range of highly skilled services in patenting for nationals of the Ukraine and foreign persons.

our company

The Patent Attorneys Bureau “B & Co” provides the whole range of highly skilled services in sphere of protection of Intellectual Property for nationals of Ukraine and for clients from other countries.
The Patent Attorneys Bureau B & Co

who we are

The company was established of 05 June, 2001. The Director of the Patent Attorneys Bureau B & Co is a Senior Partner, Mrs. Olena O. Bloshchynska, a Patent Attorney of Ukraine. In the past Mrs.Olena Bloshchynska was an official of the Ukrainian Patent Office. The present list of clients of the Patent Attorneys Bureau B & Co includes the companies and the individuals from America, Europe, Middle East, Far East, the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union, Baltic States as well as from Ukraine. The high professionalism and excellent qualifications of the employees of the Patent Attorneys Bureau B & Co make the company attractive both for national and foreign clients. The company employs highly skilled and experienced people, as well as gets other specialists, who are not on the permanent staff, involved in the work. All the specialists cooperating with the company are carefully checked against their qualification, which has to meet the highest standard.

our vision
our vision
B & Co has built its practice in both domestic and international areas. We collaborate with foreign law firms, accounting firms, tax offices, consulting firms, and other specialized entities to meet our clients’ increasingly complicated and varied needs.
our principles
our principles
Working in diverse areas of the law focused on protection of intellectual property and litigation matters in the same sphere, we increase our capabilities to better serve our clients’ needs.


B & Co Staff

Olena Bloshchynska

Olena has been a registered Patent Attorney of Ukraine since 1999 (Reg. Number 153). She is a member of the Ukrainian Group of AIPPI (the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), the LES (International Licensing Executive Society), INTA and the Ukrainian Association of Patent Attorneys. Olena also is educated as a Shipbuilding Engineer. In the company she deals with the patent applications and trademark applications and with Intellectual Property litigations. She also advise clients about different aspects of protection of IP.

Kateryna Tarasenko (Bloshchynska)

Kateryna is qualified as an Architect and Interior Designer. In the company she specializes in sphere of Trade Marks and Industrial Designs protection and in sphere of Trademark and Design searchs.

Fedir Bloshchynsky

Fedir has first education as a Tourism manager. His second education is Patent and Trade Mark Specialist. In the company he deals with advertising matters, public relations and Industrial Designs protection.

Liudmyla Malakhova

Patent Engineer
Liudmyla is qualified as an Engineer and as a Patent Specialist. She works in the field of Intellectual Property Rights since 1977 and deals in the company with the patent applications and patent searches.
Anna Scorobogatko

Anna Scorobogatko

Patent and Trademark Assistant
Anna is qualified as an Engineer and as a Secretary. She is charged with the matters of office work, records management and paperwork.
Svitlana Gulianitska

Svitlana Gulianitska

Office Accountant
She is responsible for the accounting policy of the company.